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C-Suite Services

Affordable C-Suite↗︎  Solutions for Small Biz.

What does C-Suite / C-Level / CxO mean anyway?  Quick Answer: Top Management Team (structures)   More info at     investopedia↗︎   &   dictionary↗︎ combines discrete services from previously separate business lines into a unified synergistic service business.
We bring functional integration & holistic leadership at a very affordable fractional cost, for our micro and small business clients, with a specialized focus on containing expenses, and creating clear pathways for organic, as well as acquisitive growth, and technological & operational efficiencies.

We provide immediately accretive assistance with our temp./part-time/short-term & contract professionals:
  • CFO: Acct/Tax, Audit, Billing, Filing, G/L, T/B, Payroll, Book-keeping, …
  • CIO:   IT, Fin.Tech/Securities++, Apps, Websites, Outsourcing, Consulting
  • COO: Process, Operations, Mgmt. Consulting, Right-Sizing, …
  • CEO: Acquisitions, Exit Strategy, Incorporations, Non-Profits, Biz.Plans, ...

Our Solution

✔ SOLVE Your Issues

  • Form a Business Entity

    CFO4You - Business Formations / Setups
    We always create specifically tailored corporations (C-Corp, S-Corp) or partnerships (LLC, LPs), etc., to individually suit our clients' exact small-business needs, including Business plans to pursue external (VC) funds, and Financial and Operational Processes

  • Setup a Non-Profit / Charitable

    CFO4You - Non-Profits, Foundations, 501(C)
    Our Principals, CPAs, Legal and Business Associates and Professionals have vast experience setting up not-for-profits, foundations, and 501(C)3s, including expertise in specific areas like planning, operations, legal, technology, websites, funds acquisitions, as well as providing annual audits, compiled and certified financials when required

  • Accounting, Billing, Expenses, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Sales-Tax?

    CFO4You - Accounting, Billing, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Sales-Tax
    A brief initial consult can reveal exactly what you need with regards to Book-keeping, Payroll, Billing, et al. What your costs would be, and where you would see the greatest benefit- we help rebalance and focus on operations, profits and sales

  • Taxes, IRS (letter) audit, owe $?

    CFO4You - Biz Tax / Filings
    We have helped literally hundreds of business owners with IRS payments, offers in compromise, (like you see in the ads on tv, but at a much lower total cost to business owners.) On a forward looking basis, our Audit Avoidance program also inculcates, via Best-Practices training, and through a transparent, ethical and profit-focused culture to avoid audits in the future

  • IT Apps/Web/Consulting, FinTech

    CFO4You - IT Apps / Fin Services / Consulting
    Experienced Technology professionals at CFO4You, have a proven track record with helping financial services businesses drive data integration to create usable business intelligence, save on costs and increase revenue. Small businesses have benefited from Website deployment and our on-point strategic IT/Operations guidance.
    FOCUS: Financial Services, Securities Operations, Trade Processing, Websites, and Apps deployment

  • Part-Time CFO/COO or CIO/CTO? Operational, Mgmt., IT Issues?

    CFO4You - C-Suite Solutions - Part-time / Consulting

    Our licensed accredited Principals are the BEST at providing immediate help PLUS creating lasting long-term benefits including within accounting, technology, outsourcing, vendors, as well as with management best practices

  • Other Small Biz. Solutions

    CFO4You - C-Suite Solutions - Part-time / Consulting
    Contact us for all your small business consultative solutions - Our synergistic approach and holistic processes will set you up on the path to organic growth and long-term profitability
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Contact us (info@cfo4‎you.‎com) for a FREE initial consult or see our services for areas we can assist your small business excel, grow and prosper.

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Our Expertise

Incorporate   •   Biz. Plans

CFO4You - Experts - Incoporations

Incorporations, Setups (S-Corp, C-Corp), DBAs, Non-Profits, Foundations, LLCs, LPs, NDAs, Contracts, Business Plans, Private Placements, Offering Memorandums, All Operating, Special, and Partnership Agreements

Acctg+Tax • Filings • Audit

CFO4You - Experts - Tax, Acct, Audit

Comprehensive and holistic Tax Planning, Filings, Amendments, Audit-avoidance, Business Accounting & Consulting, Compilations, Book-keeping, Payroll, Billing, Reporting, Expenses, QuickBooks


IT: FinTech • Apps • Web++

CFO4You - Experts - IT, Apps, Consulting

Information Technology Consulting - Financial Services Applications (Securities Processing, Trading Systems, Asset Management Systems), Websites, Apps, Cyber-Security (CISO functionality). We are GLBA, FINRA (SEC 17a) compliant, and we are seriously committed to our own, and our client's security and data/records protection

Consulting: Management • Operations • Compliance

CFO4You - Experts II

Part-time and Short-Term Management Functionality virtuosos - including Strategy, Operations, Business Development.
CFO, COO, CIO, CTO, contractual functional assistance, without the unnecessary overhead of full-time, overpaid, single-function employment.


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Our Value

CFO4You 1-stop-shop
YOUR 1-Stop Shop

At CFO4You, we specialize in financial and business consulting. Our entire suite of premium services, including our AICPA members, seasoned licensed compliance and technology professionals, & world-class mature, solution & delivery focused experts will ALWAYS provide your business with the excellent quality of service that we have become known for, reasonably and affordably!



CFO4You personal-service
YOUR Biz. Needs

Each small business is unique, with its own challenges and needs.   Our low-cost (see our proprietary lean process) services, are ALWAYS completely customized for your particular requirements.   Accounting, Tax, Startups, Incorporations, Non-Profits, Apps, Information Technology, Cyber-Security, Regulatory and Business consulting advisory services are only a few of our comprehensive offerings.



CFO4You service-value
YOUR Added Value

ALWAYS professional & competent, our Partners and our dedicated and focused associates' sterling reputations along with our proprietary platform & tailored packages can help address your specific business needs. Our client-centric values base, along with our industry-leading best-practices process, will provide your business the edge it needs to succeed, as with our prior clients.


Our Values ⇒ Our Promise↗︎

Our Process

CFO4You - Process

Lean • Value-Driven • Cost-Effective

      Analysis → Business Process →
Accuracy + Transparency →
Industry-veracity → More-4-Less


More About Our Process


Our No-Risk Help

Help for Your Business

Your Small Business can save on taxes, expenses, deductions, and fees, as well as on streamlining your IT infrastructure, when you consult with us at CFO4You↓ to see how you can do this with no risk to your bottom line.

We have proven processes to help you retain more of your revenues long-term, after evaluating and crunching the numbers in parallel, without requiring any immediate change to your current services. Try our proven, reasonable low-cost strategies and up-to-date solutions, that we routinely utilize, most of which current service providers may not have even thought about! 

Almost all of our clients have seen immediate improvement to their bottom line, and have grown their small business organically or through partnering, after retaining our services, and have continued success even after our service engagement is complete!

In fact, most of our current clients have been referred by our previous clients!

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