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Accounting, Applications, Audit, Business Plans, Cyber-Security, Formations, Incorporations, IT/Apps,
IRS Notices, LLCs/LPs, Management Consulting, Non-Profits, Quick-Books, S-Corps/C-Corps, Tax

Why We Are Great!

CFO4You - What Made Us Great

Our composite team-oriented attention to detail and our unique expertise in consultations with regard to Tax filings, Audit-avoidance, IRS Offers-in-Compromise (like the TV ads, but at a much much lower cost,) IT Apps, Website, part-time CIO, business operations management, productive and directed startup-guidance through a successful launch, LLCs, S-Corps & Non-Profits', etc., along with an industry-leading Best Practices and Continuous Improvement Program, make us great!  Since our humble start in the nineties, our values, fueled by our satisfied clients' word-of-mouth referrals as THE Best-Value Tax, Management and IT niche boutique, have led our growth into today's premier diversified, multi-faceted small-business consultant.


Where are We?

CFO4You - Where are We

Headquartered in NYC, we are now an integrated combination of geographically diverse, previously separate service businesses consolidated under the CFO4You aegis.
All our professionals, including our AICPA members, Enrolled Agents, Tax-preparers, Technology Senior Leadership, and Management Consultants are licensed and certified (as required) practitioners.
We are renowned for delivering exacting, customized, value-added solutions for clients, usually at their secure site locations in NY, NJ, CT, DE, FL, MA, MD, PA, and over twenty other states, Canada and Europe.


Who are We?

CFO4You - Who are We

A team of close-knit, family-style, like-minded vetted and licensed professionals, we are passionate about delivering value-added results for our clients- the focused, growing, small business. Our Values, reflect our drive for accurate, comprehensive, synergistically integrated delivery using our best practices Process model.
Strategically led by Managing Partner, G. Jayakar, with over twenty years in financial services and technology management with Alt./Private Investments, Wall Street corporate leaders, & Consulting firms.  Our tactically aligned groups comprise some of the sharpest, young, resourceful minds, teamed with and mentored by our experienced, highly-skilled senior principals.   Learn more about us...


What We Do

CFO4You - What We Do

Since 1995, we are the trusted service provider for tax & accounting, technology and management (C-Suite Solutions) advisory needs of small businesses
  • Business Formations
    S-Corps, C-Corps, DBAs, LLCs, LPs, …
  • Not-for-Profits
    Charitable, Foundations, 501(C)s, Compilations, Tax Filings, ...
  • Accounting
    Book-keeping, Payroll, Records, Reconciliations, G/L, T/B
  • TAX
    Audits, Amendments, Filings, 1120, 1065, K1, 1099s, …
  • IT: Apps, Management, Websites & Security
    Strategy, Financial Applications, Websites, Risk-mgmt, Cyber
  • C-Suite Consulting & Solutions
    Planning, Finance, Operations, Technology, Family-Office


How We Can HELP

We customize solutions for all our clients based on their current structure and particular needs, as we have been early renouncers of the theory that one-size-fits-all, which fails dramatically in practice.


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Our Values

CFO4You - Values

Frugalitas Integritas Conpleta Accuratio
Our FICA values base: The rigor of Latin deeply resonates with us as we feel it is exactly akin to the rigor necessary in the inclusive committment, integrity, accountabilty, sustainable respect, required for the exemplary work we do with our small business clients and partners, to help them achieve their goals.

  • Frugalitas - WASTE-NOT (Order and Restraint)
    Our leadership has long since embraced the age-old waste-not philosophy, and it is now a very pragmatic part of our daily practice!
    Our proven belief is that as a lean organization, we are better than most at serving our clients' needs, and can better see, act on, and navigate business opportunities and manage challenges, resulting in cumulative savings, and organic growth.
    Not wasting is NOT the same as not expending or investing. As a result, we have state-of-the-art technology and systems, as well as the best and brightest young minds, mentored and guided by our world-class, experienced, seasoned professionals.

  • Integritas - Doing the RIGHT Thing!
    Our uncompromising high ethical standards have been one of the main reasons why our clients, partners, affiliates, and our regulators all respect us, and value us, as well as consistently refer us.
    Our value-added roster of services and our professionalism, enable our satisfied clients to continually bring in word-of-mouth referrals.
    Specialized, committed associates enjoy the workplace and the daily challenges, to create a perfect storm of outstanding performance and stellar service at industry-leading low total-costs.
    Focusing on the rules and regulatory guidelines, has created a tremendous value-advantage for our clients, allowing our advisory and consulting businesses to enjoy an unblemished, sterling reputation.

  • Conpleta - COMPREHENSIVE Responsiveness
    Our approach to our clients business is all about holistic responsive continuity - a phrase our leadership coined to exemplify the overall philosophy of our proven functioning Process.
    An onboarded client gets the complimentary value-added benefit of the advisory effect, without any unnecessary upselling, and with an all-encompassing view of the entire small business as one comprehensive entity within the industry ecosystem, where synergies are jointly developed with the management team to have a definite net positive effect on the bottom-line.
    As providers of a complete repertoire of financial, operations and technology services, we are uniquely capable of viewing our clients' business processes from multiple facets, thereby creating and finding opportunities for cost-savings, organic expansion and external growth.
    We strive to learn from our and others' experiences, and have pioneered an internal, extremely functional, high-value, industry-leading, Best Practices & Continuous Improvement program since 1999.

  • Accuratio - Quality - Doing the THING Right!
    We create long-term strategic value, by avoiding (costly) mistakes (like audits, fines, sanctions, etc.,) using our double-checked approach.
    Our redundant process of multiple-angled checks and balances have, in most cases, reduced human errors to infinitesimal levels, or eliminated the errors entirely.
    We routinely utilize our vast detailed procedure-oriented experiences to assist the client business process with best-practices, accurate data, and GAAP standards, while simultaneously adding to our practical and tactical, information-based knowledge-base, which in-turn serves to help our clients even more!
    Our reporting, invoicing, data, processes and filings are always clear, concise, professional and transparent!

Our Process

CFO4You - Process

Cost-Effective, Value-Driven, "Lean" Business Model Transparency, Quality, Value-Added - are the cornerstone traits of successful small businesses across the spectrum of industries. Our in-house process, living by design, and continuously learning, embodies these traits, in spirit as well as function, effectively delivering a significantly lower total-cost-of-ownership service to our clients.

  • Initial Consult - Preliminary Analysis
    Preliminary Analysis + Foundation + Service Level
    Our Initial Consult lays the foundation for an in-depth analysis of exactly what your small business needs, what services make the most sense, how to keep the costs contained, and what the benefits are immediately, as well as in the long run
  • Holistic Approach - Comprehensive Strategy
    Comprehensive Business & Process Strategy and Ownership Equity Focus
    Our holistic approach to your entire small business processes includes tax, liabilities, growth, technology, operations, market expansion, down-sizing, personnel, family, personal assets, succession planning, and other life-business intersections, to ultimately create real, positive, compounded and lasting long-term value for you
  • Availability - Continuity
    Planning, Scheduling, Deliverables and Continuity
    Our availability is legendary - we are always schedulable, and we focus on avoiding emergencies with planned calendars. While quarterly reportings & filings are a natural points of interaction, macro-events are also triggers, where they may affect your business (think innovations, market movements, tax law changes!)
  • Long-term Best Practices - Accuracy & Quality
    Accuracy + Quality + Methodical Process & Transparency
    Our focus is to avoid costly audits and mistakes and create long-term strategic value, by utilizing our extensive operational-focused experience in assisting (ONLY if you need it) in your business process with best-practices, valuing your business accurately, and anticipating and integrating future critical paths and milestones
  • Individual-Centric - Measured Expertise
    Measured Expertise within your industry and customized for your small business structure
    Our successful iterative, individual-centric business model (since 1999) is a continuous learning and implementation system, which helps small business owners seize external valued opportunities, avoid expensive mistakes, and grow organically. As an unintended byproduct, this has resulted in a tremendously positive client-side word-of-mouth campaign of referrals for us!
  • Cost-Effective - Lean Implementation Focus
    Lean Implementation Focus
    Our cost-effective lean approach (no-waste) to managing resources, has made it viable to pass these savings on to our clients, even as we provide a sustained, high quality level of service, at very reasonable costs!


Our Process Benefits You




Our Altruism

Philanthropy & Beneficence

2018 Police Unity Tour (Chapter 37)
CFO4You - Philanthropy - Police Unity Tour Chpt 37

Get involved and learn more of all out philanthropy projects.

Supporting the Community by Giving back is something we have always believed in, and practiced, both at the local community and the national levels.

Contact us to learn more about our philanthropic and charitable projects and fund-raisers.

A recent example of our support is our corporate sponsorship of the 2018 Police Unity Tour (Chapter 37).

Officers ride bicycles from New York City (WTC) to Washington D.C. to honor fellow police officers, who have fallen in the line of duty.  At CFO4You we are committed to supporting law enforcement!

Visit PoliceUnityTour37.com website and include our sponsored (NY) officer rider, Sgt. John Kincaid.


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Your experience and your expertise may make you uniquely "qualified" to join us in this productive, fulfilling and profitable vocation.
See if you will be a good "fit" within the firm, and review the qualities we value, on our Careers page.

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